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Wayne Allyn Root Predicts 2020 Landslide – He Calls It The “Michael Dukakis Election” For Trump
By |October 26, 2020
Wayne Allyn Root Predicts 2020 Landslide – He Calls It The “Michael Dukakis Election” For Trump

What’s Happening:

The polls consistently claim a close election—or a clear Biden victory. But what’s happening in the real world seem to say otherwise.

Have you seen the size of Trump’s rallies, versus Biden’s?

But few pundits are willing to make predictions. Except for Wayne Allyn Root. He says we’re headed for a landslide.

And it’s going to look very much like the Michael Dukakis campaign.

Here’s what he believes will happen:

All through the summer with Biden up by double digits, just like Dukakis…

In 1988 he was the Democrat presidential candidate. He led George H.W. Bush by 17 points over the summer. Seventeen. Remember that number. It’s significant…

On Election Day 1988, Republican Bush destroyed Dukakis. Bush won by 7 points. That’s a 24- point turnaround. More importantly, Bush beat Dukakis by 426-111 in an electoral landslide. Bush won 40 states.

Root claims that this election will be like the 1988 election, when Democrat Dukakis lead Bush by 17 points.

By Election Day, Bush won by 7 points with an electoral landslide of 426-111.

Root points to many factors that make this year look just like 1988 and 2016.

He points to the massive enthusiasm shown by Trump supporters. Trump is holding two or more rallies a day with tens of thousands attending.

Then there are the Trump car and boat parades with thousands of supporters. Root says there are Trump supporters who will “walk on broke glass” for the president.

Do we see anything remotely close to that in the Biden camp? The only “passionate” folks on the left are those who simply hate Trump.

But they don’t love Biden. And hate never wins elections.

Root is predicting this election is a “carbon copy” of 2016, but much worse for Democrats.

The D.C. swamp, he says is clueless, thanks to their echo chambers and suppression polls. The media has been ignoring the many Trump supporters

Do you think Trump could win in a landslide with the silent majority behind him?

Key Takeaways:

  •       Wayne Allyn Root Predicts 2020 will look like 1988 with a Trump landslide.
  •       He points to the enthusiasm among Republican voters.

Source: Town Hall

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