Trump Reveals Earth-Shattering Solution If Dems Refuse To Pass Border Security
By Steve Edwards|February 7, 2018
Trump Reveals Earth-Shattering Solution If Dems Refuse To Pass Border Security

One way or another, President Donald Trump is going to do the job that he was elected to do.

Yes, that includes cleaning up the mess that’s known as our nation’s current immigration system.

The obstructionists on the Left are fighting a losing battle. Try as they might, they simply can’t shift public sentiment when so many actual facts are standing in their way.

While there doesn’t seem to be any hope that common sense will permeate the liberal echo chamber anytime soon, we can rest assured that we finally have a leader in place that will stand up to the nonsense while fixing things once and for all.

And to do so, the president has called for a drastic solution that should force the Democrats to finally and ultimately concede.

From Politico:

President Donald Trump on Tuesday called for a government shutdown if Congress does not pass what he considers adequate border-security measures.

“If we don’t get rid of these loopholes where killers are allowed to come into our country and continue to kill … if we don’t change it, let’s have a shutdown,” Trump said at a White House roundtable focused on the gang MS-13. “We’ll do a shutdown, and it’s worth it for our country. I’d love to see a shutdown if we don’t get this stuff taken care of.”

“We have to strengthen our borders, not by a little bit but by a lot,” Trump said. “We are so far behind the time. And by the way, the world is laughing at us because they can’t believe these policies. We’re going to get it stopped. And if we have to shut it down because the Democrats don’t want safety — and unrelated but still related, they don’t want to take care of our military — then shut it down. We’ll go with another shutdown.”


On cue, the liberal mouthpieces in the mainstream media expressed shock and indignation at the commander-in-chief’s remarks. The Democrats are now attempting to blame another potential and baseless shutdown on the Republicans. Lest they forget, when the first shutdown happened, most Americans believed it was the Liberals at fault and not the Republicans. Do Democrats really believe that they have the upper hand in this situation when they had to concede to the president just a few short weeks ago?

All the while, those that are capable of making up their own minds applaud the fact that Trump continues to show no signs of backing down.

While we’ll hold out hope that common sense will rule the day before we get to the point of another unnecessary shutdown, we’ll take solace in the fact that Trump is simply doing what he has to do to get the job done.

Source: Politico

Steve Edwards
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