US Intelligence Sends Americans A Chilling Warning. Putin’s Not Finished Yet
By Steve Edwards|February 15, 2018
US Intelligence Sends Americans A Chilling Warning. Putin’s Not Finished Yet

Our nation’s intelligence officials appeared before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, and they didn’t paint a pretty picture.

They laid out a number of different threats that the various agencies have on their hands at the moment, ranging from problems overseas to drama that exists on our own shores.

Oh – and there’s also the little matter of Russia ramping up efforts to stir up the pot even more.

Independent Journal Review has the news.

The dust has yet to settle after the Russian government’s interference with the 2016 election, and now intelligence officials are saying they’re at it again.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo discussed the matter with the Senate Intelligence Committee, confirming fears.

“We have seen Russian activity and intentions to have an impact on the next election cycle,” Pompeo said.

This wasn’t just some rambling from a career official with a political ax to grind either.

Pompeo’s take was corroborated by his colleagues, and the matter is clearly on the radar of the various intelligence agencies.  

A new report addresses the threat Russian interference poses. According to Fox News, it says:

In the next year, Russian intelligence and security services will continue to probe U.S. and allied critical infrastructures, as well as target the United States, NATO, and allies for insights into U.S. policy.

The 2018 U.S. midterm elections are a potential target for Russian influence operations.

From afar, we can only imagine that Putin and company are grinning from ear to ear as they cast a glance at the divisiveness that consumes American politics these days.

It’s not too far-fetched to assume they’ll be looking to stir the pot even further as we move along, and that provides some serious food for thought for American voters to contend with – not to mention even more issues for intelligence officials to deal with.


Source: Independent Journal Review

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