DHS Chief Explains Why Liberals Are Making Her Accept MS-13 Gang Members Into America
By Steve Edwards|February 9, 2018
DHS Chief Explains Why Liberals Are Making Her Accept MS-13 Gang Members Into America

The Trump administration is doing all that it can to clean up our nation’s broken immigration system.

While that’s great news, it’s been nothing short of alarming to learn exactly how broken things really are.

For years now, nonsense legacy policies have been exploited by illegals, and it has gotten to the point in which some groups simply come and go as they please.

Western Journal passes along an example of that.     

During a White House roundtable discussion on immigration and border reform, the head of the Department of Homeland Security let it be known just how dire the situation is on the ground.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen — in a plea for congressional action on immigration loopholes — derided current U.S. immigration policies that violent gang members have taken advantage of in order to enter and remain in the country.

“When they come to our border I have to let them in,” Nielsen said.

So why on Earth would we have to let them in?

Quite simply, it’s not all that hard for illegals to get around the red tape, and word has quickly spread on exactly how they can make that happen.  

Coached on how to game the system, many illegal immigrants who are apprehended at the border use “magic words” when speaking to law enforcement, suggesting that they are in immediate danger if they return to their home country, according to The Washington Times.

This helps them gain some measure of asylum protection. The effort allows them entry into the U.S., where many subsequently vanish from DHS’ radar.

“This is unique to our country, and it’s got to change,” President Donald Trump said during the meeting.

In short, illegals are using a tried and true practice that comes straight out of the liberal playbook: if you tug at the heartstrings hard enough, you’ll get what you want.

After all, who would dare to go against helping someone in such imminent danger?

It’s another revolting consequence of the lax immigration policies that have been impacting our nation for decades.

Thankfully, the Trump administration has absolutely no problem cleaning up the mess – but that doesn’t make the fact that things are in such disarray any easier to digest.

Source: Western Journal

Steve Edwards
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