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Biden Jumps On The Doomed Democrat Train – Now Joe Is Pushing For Statehood For Washington D.C.
By |April 21, 2021
Biden Jumps On The Doomed Democrat Train – Now Joe Is Pushing For Statehood For Washington D.C.

What’s Happening:

Democrats in Congress are rushing to solidify their power before the next election, and it looks like they’ve convinced Biden to jump on their doomed radical train.

Joe Biden ran as a moderate and the liberal wing of the party had trouble getting on board with him, but it looks like he’s caving to most of their whims. (Which should be no surprise with Ol’ Joe.)

But he’s now supporting one of their most blatant power grabs—one that may already be doomed.

From Fox News:

President Biden’s White House Tuesday formally backed making Washington, D.C., the 51st state of the union and urged Congress to pass the H.R. 51 legislation to give Washingtonians “long overdue full representation.”

The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) said the Biden administration “strongly supports” the D.C. statehood legislation that would give the district two new senators and one member of Congress.

So Joe’s ready to turn Washington D.C. into the 51st state—and snap up some liberal seats in Congress while he’s at it.

One big problem, Joe. From the Daily Caller:

“The basic question now is whether … Congress has a power to create a new state from the greater portion of that land that was ceded by Maryland for the purpose of creating a district for the seat of the federal government,” Pilon said in an email. “There is no such power to be found in the Constitution.”

So it turns out Joe and his super-slim majority in Congress can’t just snap their fingers or take a party-line vote to add in another state to help keep their majority.

It looks like there are plenty of Constitutional questions in front of them first. Not that they’ve thought about them, only that they will try to add D.C. as a state however they can.

Do you think Joe is aware that D.C. was carved out of the state of Maryland as a seat of the federal government?

And now he wants to turn a single city into a state just to grab more power? The people of D.C. already have representation.

Do you think Democrats should add D.C. as our 51st state?

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrats have been trying to gain steam on converting Washington D.C. into the nation’s 51st state.
  • Their movement gained support from President Biden, which would give Democrats additional seats in Congress.
  • They have significant Constitutional barriers to adding the federal seat of government as a state.

Source: Fox News, Daily Caller

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