Biden’s Top Agenda Hits Mega Roadblock – Slammed with 1 Major Federal Law Accusation
By Sally H|July 8, 2023
Biden’s Top Agenda Hits Mega Roadblock – Slammed with 1 Major Federal Law Accusation

What’s Happening:

President Joe Biden will go down in history as the king of the administrative “end around.” At every turn in his presidency, he has created new ways to work outside the constraints of Congress and the Constitution to force his agenda on the American people.

He doesn’t care how his policies hurt the public or what the cost will be to the economy. Biden beats the system any way he can and proudly brags about his “successes.” All this is done to appease his base, take care of big-money liberal influences across the country, and sucker more people into voting for him.

Biden has used every federal agency to get what he wants, and he continues to attack energy companies using his “end around” tactics. Now he’s found a sneaky way to use environmental groups to stop energy producers from providing the fuel that drives the U.S. economy.

From Blaze News:

The BLM’s (Bureau of Land Management) proposed new rule would allow environmental groups to lease land for conservation use, thereby temporarily preventing the area from being used for oil drilling or mining projects. The eco-organizations could then use the land to conduct restoration projects.

Federal law requires BLM to lease public land for such uses as oil drilling, mining, grazing, and recreational activities. This new rule opens the land to “conservation,” Blaze News reported, under the BLM “multiple-use” mandate.

The key to this new rule is that adding “conservation,” as Blaze News showed, places environmental uses “on equal footing” with other public land use as previously passed by Congress. Biden’s BLM minions pointed to curbing climate change through conservation as a need for the change.

That reasoning is just a front for Biden sneaking around Congress’ intent with the law and putting a stop to energy resources that the president hates. This rule change has met with strong opposition.

From Blaze News:

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen told Fox News Digital that the BLM is attempting to “shove through another overarching, sweeping rule that’s not supported by the Federal Land Policy and Management Act.”

Knudsen accused the BLM’s proposal of being “just flagrantly in violation of federal law” and claimed the agency was “trying to do it on the sly” because the administration would be unsuccessful in getting a law passed through Congress.

The attorney general argued in the story that “conservation” does not fit the definition of uses under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act. This is just another attempt by the Biden administration to change rules into laws without going through Congress.

Biden’s administrative minions have been masterful to this point in his presidency trying to override Congress with these types of rule changes. The problem is that each time Biden does this it costs the taxpayers more and more money before the “check and balance” of the judicial system shuts down his overreach.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden administration faces another accusation of breaking federal law.
  • Federal agencies keep following Biden’s plans to turn rules into laws.
  • The President’s sneaky agenda faces major opposition from states.

Source: Blaze News

Sally H

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