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Biden And Pelosi Just Took A Hard Left Turn – They Dare To Pass Radical Bill Making Washington D.C. Its Own State
By |April 22, 2021
Biden And Pelosi Just Took A Hard Left Turn – They Dare To Pass Radical Bill Making Washington D.C. Its Own State

What’s Happening:

How does it feel to compete against someone who is determined to break the rules just to win? It’s infuriating—and it’s exactly what Democrats have just done to America.

Joe Biden ran as a moderate. Why? Because he knew he couldn’t beat President Trump if he ran as a far-left liberal. Bernie Sanders wouldn’t have stood a chance against Trump.

So Biden said he would be a moderate, transition president. He would keep the radical far-left of his party in check.

But Biden has officially showed his cards, and it looks like he’s willing to break America’s institutions just to maintain power.

First it was packing the Supreme Court, and now a scheme to increase their majority. From the Daily Wire:

In a 216-208 party-line vote on Thursday, the House of Representatives approved legislation that would make Washington, D.C., the 51st state in the nation. The bill will now be sent to the US Senate.

Biden had only days earlier finally indicated his support for turning D.C. into a state, so Pelosi quickly rammed it through the House. They conveniently left out that the Constitution carved D.C. out of Maryland long ago to be the federal seat of government. It was never meant to be its own state.

But it looks like the bill is just being sent to the Senate to die, at least for now:

“Winning a vote in the Senate would likely require ending the filibuster that requires most legislation to clear a 60-vote hurdle. Even then, not all 50 Democrats in the Senate back making D.C. a state.”

Biden and Pelosi are playing with fire. They are trying to turn a liberal federal city into its own state just to give their party extra representation.

They have significant Constitutional hurdles to jump, but they are completely ignoring those critical objections.

And once they’re done with this? They plan to add Puerto Rico. That’s 2 more Senators and more representation in the House.

If this isn’t a naked power grab, I don’t know what is.

But of course the mainstream media reports this as if it’s just business as usual. Conservative media is needed more than ever to point out the truth of Democrats’ power-hungry actions.

Do you stand against Democrats making Washington D.C. our 51st state?

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden recently voiced support for turning Washington D.C. into America’s 51st state.
  • Speaker Pelosi immediately passed a bill along party lines in the House to make this a reality.
  • If it passed the Senate, the Democrats would very likely gain 2 more Senators and one more House seat.

Source: Daily Wire

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