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Ben Carson Shuts Down The Democrat Swamp – He Proclaims ‘Un-American’ Their Holy Grail Of Reparations
By |April 20, 2021
Ben Carson Shuts Down The Democrat Swamp – He Proclaims ‘Un-American’ Their Holy Grail Of Reparations

What’s Happening:

Ben Carson was a rock star for the Republican Party and America—and he just took another big bite out of Trump’s opponents.

He served Donald faithfully for four years and he is still speaking out boldly against what Democrats are trying to do to our country.

In the first 3 months of Biden’s term, he has tried to unravel Trump’s agenda—and progress—as quickly as possible. And liberals are also moving onto their big wish list quickly.

They already got through one big spending bill and are pushing for a massive infrastructure bill that one Democrat leader admitted has the “DNA of the Green New Deal.” And Joe is pushing to strip down the 2nd Amendment.

But that seem like child’s play to what Democrat are about to try and jam through. But Ben Carson is calling them out in a WaPo editorial on their race to hand out reparations. From the Daily Wire:

Writing in The Washington Post, Carson began by noting that people seeking equity had jettisoned Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “ideal of judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin” and replaced it with rewarding and punishing people “because of the color of their skin.” He added, “Rather than equality of opportunity, equity would mandate equality of outcome. This goal is not only un-American — it is impossible to attain.”

Right on, Carson! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

And he goes far beyond the Left’s push for reparations:

Carson cited reparations for slavery as well as “hiring programs that specifically recruit racial minorities, campaigns to support only Black-owned businesses and firms that require their board of directors to have a certain percentage of minorities” as examples of this equity-seeking group.

Somehow over the past two decades, Martin Luther King Jr.’s creed of being color-blind has become a distinct minority. Instead, liberals and the media have tried to make everything about the color of people’s skin.

A perpetrator’s guilt or innocence might depend on the color of their skin. And no matter the story of their past, a person’s skin color may earn them reparations—government taxpayer money.

But Carson blows big holes into their argument. He believes that people should not be rewarded or punished based on their skin color. America was not built on sameness—it was built on our diversity, allowing people to reach for the stars and be rewarded if they did so.

Is it any surprise it was the people of the United States that planted their flag on the moon?

Let’s celebrate Ben Carson for standing up for American principles, and for boldly doing it in the liberal Washington Post.

Do you stand with Ben Carson and equality for all Americans?

Key Takeaways:

  • House Democrats are considering reparations for slavery in committee.
  • Ben Carson boldly stood against this in a Washington Post editorial.
  • He called the goal of “equality of outcome” un-American—and impossible.

Source: Daily Wire

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