After Christian Loses Job for Not Being “Woke” Enough – He Storms Back with Bold Action
By Sally H|July 13, 2023
After Christian Loses Job for Not Being “Woke” Enough – He Storms Back with Bold Action

What’s Happening:

More news comes out every day exposing the abuse and persecution of anyone who doesn’t bow to the ideology of the left. Liberal companies across the globe are targeting people who refuse to promote lifestyles that go against their religious faith.

Companies, and even governments, now believe they can destroy the lives of people who dare hold opposing views. To them, if you’re not a leftist you will get left behind. They will stop your ability to earn a living in a career field of your choice and toss you onto the trash pile of life.

People who find themselves attacked by the left should keep an eye on this man who is standing up for his faith and fighting back. His story shows how to expose LGBTQ+ companies that discriminate.

From The Daily Wire:

A Christian social worker in the U.K. is taking legal action after his job offer was rescinded for his Christian views of sexuality and marriage.

Felix Ngole was offered his “dream job” as a mental health support worker at Touchstone Support Leeds, a charity partnered with the U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS), but weeks later, the company rescinded the offer when it found out about his Christian beliefs and past victory in a religious liberty case.

There are a couple of key elements to take note of in this story. One, this company is partnered with the government, and secondly Ngole has already fought back against the tyranny of the left. He isn’t afraid to step into the heat of the battle, stand tall for his beliefs, and challenge the discrimination of leftist organizations.

The executives in this company didn’t hold back in targeting Ngole in an email. They went straight after his religious beliefs and even tried to convert him to leftist thinking.

From The Daily Wire:

“…saying he was not fit for the position because the company had “identified some significant areas and concerns” that did not “align with Touchstone Leeds’ ethos and values.”

“In particular, we can see that you have very strong views against homosexuality and same-sex marriage, which completely go against the views of Touchstone, an organisation committed to actively promoting and supporting LGBTQ+ rights.”

He lost the job, but the company would reconsider, the email read, if he would embrace Touchstone’s values, including “the promotion of homosexual rights.”

Ngole, leaning on his faith, tried to work with these woke executives, but it was a struggle. He previously fled persecution in Cameroon, according to The Daily Wire, and compared questioning in a follow-up meeting to interrogations he experienced in his home country. He responded by staying true to his faith.

From the Daily Wire:

“They called it a discussion but it felt like I was being interrogated back in Cameroon,” he said. “Every question had an LGBT slant.

“What I cannot do, and you cannot reasonably expect me to do without yourselves being discriminatory, is make my participation in the ‘promotion of homosexual rights’ a condition of my employment.”

His rational reasoning didn’t sit well with the “Top 100 LGBTQ+ Inclusive Employer” and his offer letter was revoked. Essentially the response stated there was no job for someone like him.

Ngole is now pursuing legal action against the organization under the U.K. Equality Act, according to The Daily Wire, which forbids discrimination on the basis of religion.

This is what it will take to counterattack the discrimination promoted by leftists everywhere. In Ngole’s case, the Christian Legal Centre is representing him. Andrea Williams of the Centre warned of the left’s power to silence conservatives.

From the Daily Wire:

“What we see here is the confident totalitarianism of an organization… Viewpoint discrimination is escalating in the UK at an alarming rate … Anyone who does not comply and celebrate LGBT ideology must become a ‘non-person.’”

What happens across the pond only builds momentum as it bleeds into the United States and further infects the nation with woke ideology. Conservatives should prepare to defend themselves as this type of discrimination against faith, religion, and conservative American values grows bolder and spreads further.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Top 100 LGBTQ+ Inclusive Employer” cans conservative’s job.
  • Christian social worker fights back against woke company.
  • Worker refuses to betray faith by promoting “homosexual rights.”

Source: The Daily Wire

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