Democrats Will Abolish ICE If They Win Key Election
By Steve Edwards|March 14, 2018
Democrats Will Abolish ICE If They Win Key Election

Many on the Left remain completely enraged at the fact that President Donald Trump is in the Oval Office, and they’re going to do whatever they can to get him out of there.

If Democrats miraculously make serious headway in the upcoming midterm elections, you can expect the nonsense calls for impeachment to grow even louder. While there’s a good chance that’s not going to happen, the party still has some more cards to play.  

If they were somehow able to pull out a Hail Mary and win the 2020 presidential election? Forget about it. We would all be in for a seriously rocky ride that would have major effects on the future trajectory of our nation.

Fox News shares one alarming item that has moved to the top of the liberal to-do list.  

The Democrats mulling a run for the White House in 2020 are facing intense pressure from liberals to campaign on abolishing the agency that enforces federal immigration laws, a proposal that was once relegated to the far-left fringe.

In protesting the Trump administration’s policies toward illegal immigration, liberal commentators and writers have been embracing the idea of gutting the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, which identifies, arrests and deports illegal immigrants inside the United States.

Ummm, ok. Why don’t we just disarm law enforcement across the nation and abolish our nation’s military while we’re at it?

That would, of course, be absurd, but is it really any more out there than what some liberal icons are proposing as a valuable course of action for our nation to take?

In January, the idea was endorsed by Brian Fallon, a former top aide to 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and Eric Holder, President Barack Obama’s attorney general. The Daily Caller first drew attention to the calls.

“ICE operates as an unaccountable deportation force,” Fallon tweeted. “Dems running in 2020 should campaign on ending the agency in its current form.”

Thomas Homan, the acting director of ICE, has reacted to these calls by Democrats by saying they should speak to victims of illegal immigrant crime.

In the bizarre playbook of the Left, there are key sections devoted to riling up the base by putting forth an image of bogeymen that are hellbent on preventing liberal utopia from ever happening.

ICE is filling that role for some of the loudest voices on the Left, and we can expect those voices to continue getting louder as the agency makes more and more progress under Trump’s leadership.

After all, it’s simply more important for Democrats to get votes than to worry about little things such as safety and whatnot, right?  

Source: Fox News

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